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Slow Digesting Protein To Feed Muscles For Up To Seven Hours*

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PRIDEGX's Rating

Can't believe that all max really claims an amino acid matrix to pass them adding glycine and turine to there protein wow I'm shocked I used to think they were one of the honest companies on the market guess not never buying protein from you guys again if anybody is thinking of buying this protein just look at the ingredient list glycine, turine ect typical altering to there real protein content you really don't know how much true grams of protein your getting per serving please educate yourself and learn how to read these labels and stop companies from doing this passing inferior products for great ones

Calgone22's Rating

Calgone22 did not leave a written review for this product.

Namzes's Rating

I was using ON Natural Casein before and it was a nightmare to mix always leaving lumps. Compared to that, Allmax Casein dissolves in water easily (I use 8 oz water per scoop, then after drinking add another few ounces and wash of the rest from the shaker. Vanilla flavour has a creme note to it but it's not bad overall. I love the fact that this protein is high purity: 108 cal 25g of protein 0g fat 4g carbs; 2g sugar 30% calcium My only complaint is that I wake up hungry in the morning after having a full meal dinner time and taking 1 scoop of casein before bed. Not sure if it as slow acting as advertised.

dk5bdubs's Rating

A very solid casein protein powder. The taste is quite good but the nutritional profile is what sold me the most. A lot of casein powders have a ton of sodium in them but AllMax's CaseinFX is much lower than the competitors. Keeps me full overnight as I use 2 scoops of this powder as my last meal of the day each day.

TastyTrev's Rating

Been using this for about a week after using ON Natural Casein for 2 weeks. Mixing isn't as bad as half the users say, you just have to shake the **** out of it (big deal right?). Taste is smooth. I mix 2 scoops with 250ml chocolate milk, 250ml white milk; taste is decent, though not as good as say BSN Syntha 6. Digests relatively fast compared to ON's as I am usually left starving after about 2 hours (even after 2 scoops!). Overall, decent casein for the price. Going to try Met-rx next.

natural10's Rating

The vanilla taste is a 1 rating. This vanilla product tastes bizarre. Directions says to mix 1 scoop with 6 ounces of milk or water. 1 scoop doesn't do much for me, I like to get at least 2 scoops of casein, but this product insists on 1 scoop because its probably not safe to take 2 scoops obviously. Anyway, I won't be re-ordering this product. The 2 reasons why I ordered it to begin with? 1) It doesn't have Soy Lecithin listed in its ingredients. 2) Supplementreviews dot com gave this product a high 9 rating. Good luck with this one guys.

cbreton's Rating

cbreton did not leave a written review for this product.

AllMaxine's Rating

WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU: = mouthwatering smell = mixes pretty well in just a shaker = almost stingingly sweet MACROS: - Awesome: 102 cal, 25g protein - Great: no fat/cholesterol, 2g fibre, 2g sugar - OK: almost 30% calcium

Kendall+Guice's Rating

Not only did I really like the taste of chocolate casein, but I like the grainy course texture of the powder itself. It allows the powder to mix better than other products that are real fine and powdery or chalky. It's a Home Run!

swatlax21's Rating

swatlax21 did not leave a written review for this product.

boredVAguy's Rating

boredVAguy did not leave a written review for this product.

sababa11's Rating

Good product with good dietary values, i think that taste must be aproved.

j2achel's Rating

I have been taking Casein-FX for a month now, and so far I am very impressed with AllMax! This is my first casein product to try, so I cannot compare it against other caseins as far as taste/results go, but I am pleased with this product! CONTENT wise, AllMax is a Canadian company, which means they are under federal regulations to meet the standards they claim. Basically, all the ingredients they list on their products have to be just that (whereas in the great ol' USA, our supplements are not FDA regulated, so everything is a "claim"). I like knowing what I'm buying is exactly what I'm getting. The content is VERY comparable to 100% Gold Standard and cheaper through my supplier (SCORE!). And take notice that it's got 0 Sat Fat and cholesterol, low carb and low sodium. The TASTE? Awesome! No fake-y artificially sweet aftertaste. I take it blended with ice and 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and it tastes like a chocolate shake! LOVE LOVE LOVE! No problem mixing whatsoever! RESULTS? It does keep me satiated between meals and through the night. My body fat has decreased by over 1% in the past month, so coupled with a good diet and exercise, I'm happy! I will stick with this until I find something better or AllMax raises it's prices like ON has, heaven forbid! (Oh Canada...)

Oscarcise's Rating

I love this product. The supplement facts are incredible. As a competitive bodybuilder its hard to find products that are low in sodium, carbs, and fats. This one has all three! The taste is great with almost anything and its very easy to mix. However, I'm not a big fan of sucralose which most protien powders have but the pros definetly outweigh the cons on this one. I use this every night right before I go to bed a occasionally between meals when I have to. I highly recommend it to any bodybuilder in competition mode looking to maintain thickness and prevent catabolism in the muscle during the night.

NorthDragon's Rating

Taste smooth with egg whites. I've no problem to mix it, as I'm using water (1 scoop CaseinFX + 250ml water +125ml egg whites). Does the job for pre-bedtime meal.

jacobpoirier's Rating

jacobpoirier did not leave a written review for this product.

base4291ball's Rating

This is not the first protein powder i've ever had but Casein FX will for sure be the last AllMax product i'll ever buy. The taste is funky and it mixes very poorly. The powder clumps up at the top and liquid at the bottom. Mixing with water is the only way to even attempt to put this stuff down. I got the 5 lbs tub so im stuck with it for a while. Don't recomend buying. It may look good on paper but if you can't put it down whats the point...?

Dailow's Rating

I've been very impressed with Allmax Isoflex in terms of flavour, so I thought I'd give their new Casein FX product a try. I tried a tub of this and it does NOT mix very well, compared to ON 100% Casein. I don't recommend mixing this in a blender... if you blend too much, then the casein starts to harden and you're left with a shake that's separated into liquid and a thick mass of protein. Think curdling milk, and that's what mixing this stuff is like. As far as the taste goes, it's not the worst protein I've ever had but it's not great either. It has this weird sweetness to it that's like pure sugar/artificial sweetener, so that might put some people off. Milk makes the thickening/clumping worse, so mix it with water in a shaker cup. ON was my standard for casein before Allmax, and it looks like it'll continue to be my standard.

rcordts's Rating

Great on paper! Horrible in your glass... I recommend adding some cinnamon to the mix to make it palatable.

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