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48g Dose of Protein & a Blend of BCAAs, Creatine, and L-Glutamine*

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bluedog1337's Rating

so cheap for how effective it is at only 55 cents a serving

abidrex's Rating

i bought a 10lbs packet today. prior to that i read every single review of that product on this site. people said they were having mixing, taste and various issues regarding that product. and i found that vanilla and strawberry flavours are disgusting to most of them then i determined to buy the chocolate flavour, because it has the positive rating according to the users. thus i went to a store and asked for it but unfortunately only vanilla one was available. and i was having financial issues so i bought the vanilla one. minutes ago i just prepared my first shake with it and i didn`t face any of the mentioned issues i read. the mixture was smooth and tasty like vanilla milkshake. i used skim milk and yoghurt with it. that was fantastic and enjoyed it very much. note that previously i used ON`s Gold Standard 100% whey isolate (double rich chocolate and delicious strawberry). comparing to those that protein powder is really good and fit for your low budget. besides the ingredients are pretty awesome. i recommend you should try that product. happy lifting mates.

PHall4251's Rating

This product is lesser expensive then some of the higher end. But works just as well and taste better.

IDefineMyself's Rating

So I bought the 5lbs because its cheapest on the market at the moment. I ordered chocolate and the taste is pretty **** good I would give it a 9 as it is pretty close to Combat powder's quality of taste. No lumps or anything and mixes very well in my shaker cup with water or milk(I use skim milk) I will order another tub of this stuff.

tlema1's Rating

tlema1 did not leave a written review for this product.

omar20111's Rating

I did buy the big 4.5 kg and i did cry after i taste the first scoop it mix so hard and don't even mix completely i needed to shake for like 10 min to drink it i just bought it because it was cheap but i won't do that again worst protein i have ever take in my life

bijeshjay's Rating

I have used this product and the results are just amazing. I think its better than On Gold which was my favourite before trying this. I just have 1 and half scoop a day which is far less than what they recommend, but the result is just great I can just feel it. It gives lot of energy and I can do lot of more work outs than before. I certainly recommend this product to serious people who wanna tone up their muscle.

MrMELLO's Rating

The flavour is excelent and on the ''rich thick side'' even if you blend it with water it will turn out almost like a milkshake. The addition of creatine, BCAA, L-Glutamine and CLA is superb. Honestly for me proteins are all equal I mostly judge based on taste, with Whey Phase being the exception. It might have been the creatine ? But I actually felt the results of long term use of this protein (2 x 10LB bags). Nothing major ofocurse but noticeble. Recomend it.

Killer93's Rating

Killer93 did not leave a written review for this product.

hedo's Rating

Great thick flavor great value with great price Amazing results It's complete meal in one scoop (whey+bcaa+creatine+flax seed oil[rich in omega 3] + CLA) and just 150 calorie

aminurbalqis's Rating

aminurbalqis did not leave a written review for this product.

BrennanMWhite's Rating

I got a sample of this protein with my last order and I gave it a try today. The sample packet was a bit cheap and made it difficult to open with out spilling.. But anyway. The first thing I noticed was the smell of cocoa. Some protein powders try too hard to make their proteins taste good, and they end up smelling awful. But with the cocoa I knew what I was getting: not too sweet (which is a good thing), but not very strong either. Not something I would like if it wasn't protein, but also a shake I could drink daily. The powder mixed easily in a shaker cup with cold water, with no special blending devices. I can't speak for long term use, but so far so good. I may very well look into trying a full 2 lbs next month.

fisher70's Rating

I have used this product for well over a year. I have yet to find a better combination or taste, low sugar, and price per gram of protein for a whey powder. This stuff is fantastic, I used around 4 scoops a day when I'm cutting and I use it in about everything from simple shakes, to making oatmeal, french toast, vanilla/chocolate yogurt, or mixing it with a few agreements to make a custard/pudding like snack. The vanilla and chocolate are both great flavors, I have yet to try the strawberry, but I am also not a strawberry fan. I tend to buy vanilla cause I feel I can mix it with more stuff to make snacks and meals.

Malik95's Rating

good flavour not overly sweat, good to mix with other foods/drinks

The vanilla tastes a little like cake batter. The strawberry flavor isn't the best strawberry I've had but I don't find it as bad as some of the reviews on here have stated. I didn't have any mixing issues either. Mixed easy enough for me.

derstead's Rating

Taste was pretty bad, and it was not easy to mix. Bought this based on price and product profile, but would not recommend unless you are very tight on money and do not mind bad tasting protein.

fryburger7's Rating

Actual drinking taste is good, Aftertast is pretty brutal. Bad taste lingers in the back of mouth for half hour or so. Overall quality protein Go for chocolate or strawberry, I can't recommend vanilla

muzaffar77's Rating

muzaffar77 did not leave a written review for this product.

Coatal's Rating

Price is awesome, profile is questionable who knows how much protein is actually in each serving, apparently the legal margin for error is 10% so I'd imagine there's something 10% less actual protein per serving, but for the price it's great, won't find cheaper protein than this. The taste isn't horrible, but not good either, it's drinkable with water, would probably be much better with milk.

champdilse's Rating

I started using it since 2 weeks now. One of the cheapest protein's on Bodybuilding. I was skeptical when I ordered it but I was amazed by the taste and mix ability of this protein. No stomach problems either. I make a banana milkshake in morning and take it in evening after workout. Seems to work well so far. Must buy...

1-20 of 55 Reviews